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Hyundai Merchant Marine in Aggressive Expansion in India

April 16, 20180Ocean CargoShipping


Hyundai Merchant Marine in Aggressive Expansion in India

April 16, 2018 0Ocean CargoShipping

With India’s high economic growth and the improvement of container market, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) has been aggressively expanding its sales activities within the region. HMM currently operates seven services and ten vessels between Asia-India, and its export volume from India last year increased almost 70% year-over-year.
With the continuous growth of Indian market, HMM – as Korea’s first shipping carrier – has established India’s local subsidiary company in 2005 and has elevated its status as a ‘subsidiary’ to ‘Headquarter’ last September, MANA correspondent reported.
HMM held its invitational event for its VVIPs in Mumbai, India recently. It was held to further enhance the communication between its valued customers, the event took place at St. Regis Mumbai Hotel with 150 relevant VVIP customers and port related individuals.
HMM’s CEO C.K. Yoo, shared HMM’s status and position, together with its mid-long term strategical plans with the VVIPs, and assured to provide exclusive premiere service to its customers.
Prior to the invitational event, Yoo attended the opening ceremony of relocated and elevated India office and visited HMM’s ‘Global Document Center’ to encourage and communicate with local employees.
Meanwhile, HMM previously held its explanatory sessions about current shipping industry in Seoul and Busan, Korea.

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