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18k Ships Pass Suez Canal in 2017

May 13, 20180Ocean CargoShipping


18k Ships Pass Suez Canal in 2017

May 13, 2018 0Ocean CargoShipping

Head of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) Admiral Mohab Mamish said around 18 thousand ships and a million tons of total cargo passed the Suez Canal throughout 2017.
“Egypt became an equalizing force for Euro-Mediterranean countries, we must improve our relations with these countries and carry on developing the ports,” Mamish said in a telephone interview with TV host Tamer Amin on Al-Hayah satellite channel, reported by MANA correspondent.
Mamish added that maritime ports in Egypt are under development, moreover, the Egyptian government will be developing the Nile as a strategic trade route.
The SCA head also pointed out to the success of the 14th conference of the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM).
Mamish said the Suez Canal never achieved such significant figures since 1869, adding that nobody believed that the New Suez Canal will be of much benefit to the country.
During his participation at the UFM conference, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said there are still big chances of cooperation among UFM members. He added that of the UFM’s aims is to achieve sustainable development in the water and navigation sectors in light of the unique location of its members.
Ismail also called for abandoning conflicts to achieve the common targets of economic and social development in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

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